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Turkish Translation Interpreting Services

Turkish Translation Interpreting Services

Maximize your business profits in international market with Turkish Translation and Interpreting Services provided by IVEDI Translation & IT Services Co., Ltd.

IVEDI Translation & IT Services Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Turkish language translation companies in Istanbul, Turkey. We facilitate competent translation services in various fields include technical, commercial, medical, literature and academic. Turkish translation interpreting services are playing a significant role in bridge up the geographical barrier all over the world. In order to operate your business globally, you need to reach out different foreign countries. When you submit your business proposal to foreigner client in their own language, you will get instant positive response by the client. Therefore, you will need the best Turkish translation interpreting services in Turkey.

Our company employs the best translators, masters in speaking, understanding and writing foreign languages. Our professional  Turkish translation interpreting services have all-inclusive knowledge about source and targeted languages. Benefits of hiring our professional Turkish translation interpreting services:

  •  We offer high quality web site translation services to attain success in your overseas business activities.
  •  Poor language communication leads to problem like misunderstanding or getting wrong message.
  •  We employ efficient and systematic approach for site translation to reach it out to wider audience.
  •  Professional web site translation offers you more business contacts, more sale and business revenue.
  •  It makes the web more sophisticated and smarter for users.
  •  It keeps the visitor engrossed and draws more potential customers onto site.

Our Turkish translation agency offers premier language translation services to maximize your business revenue in other countries. It also helps you bridging the gap exist between worldwide customers and your business. Our interpreters and translators also help you communicate to people from all corners of the world. Professionals of our Turkish translation agency have natural language abilities, writing skill and are well versed in required business language skills. It spans the language gap between you and your prospective customers. They have translation skills in various fields include commercial, legal, scientific and technical.

Our translators or proofreaders are also specialized in game localization in Turkish. We also offer services for software translation into Turkish. After translation, the document is again gone through full inspection to ensure its accuracy by senior professionals, proofreader, tester and bug fixers. We have employed highly skilled and native professionals for game localization in Turkish.  Game localization process is also tailored to meet the need of each publisher and developer. To get more info about our product and services feel free to visit us at http://www.iveditranslation.com/ .

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  1. Translation Services
    General Translation

    General translation doesn’t usually require specialized terminology or knowledge in a certain field from the translator or the linguist. However, as with any other type of translation, general translation also requires a high degree of linguistic skill and knowledge of the source language, local market conditions and customs of the country.

    General translation encompasses a wide array of documents for a myriad of purposes such as:


    Whether you need a short document or a lengthy one, you can rely on the highest quality standards for the translation of your document. We have a qualified team of native translators and a quality control system in place from start of the translation process to the finished document.

    Marketing Translation

    Marketing is the life blood of a business, and without it you won’t have customers or revenue. When it comes to foreign markets, marketing translation can open up a whole slew of new opportunities for companies across the world. Therefore, ensuring your marketing material is translated accurately and efficiently is critical in conveying your marketing message properly in foreign markets.

    Common marketing materials can include a variety of documents related to marketing research, product branding, public relations, advertising and so on. Among the most common documents are:

    product campaigns
    slide shows
    direct mail campaigns
    press releases
    media kits
    sales presentations
    marketing strategies

    Marketing translation requires special skills from the translator due to its complicated nature. Expert linguistic knowledge, creative copywriting and a good knowledge of the culture of the target market are necessary for high-quality marketing translation. We assign the most skilled translators to your project so that your marketing message is conveyed effectively.

  2. Financial Translation

    Developing relationships with foreign companies to exploit profitable opportunities in other countries is a growing trend in today’s global economy. With the globalization of the business environment, financial translations are becoming more important than ever. Financial translation services are widely used by commercial banks, investment companies, credit rating institutions, stock trading companies and a myriad of other entities.

    Financial translations deal with diverse array of documents such as:

    financial statements
    corporate reports
    tax reports
    economic reports
    investor research
    public offerings
    business plans
    financial projections
    insurance claims
    market surveys
    shareholder reports

    Translating your financial information accurately and quickly is vital to the success of your company. Whether your financial translation needs involve financial statements, insurance claims, economic reports, investor research or anything else, we can provide accurate, affordable and timely translations with utmost confidentiality. We employ translators with extensive experience and knowledge in accounting, economics, taxation, and other financial sectors and high linguistic competence.
    Tourism Translation

    Tourism industry is expected to continue growing globally in the long run. By translating your promotional documents into the language of your target market, we can help hotels, resorts, tour companies, travel agencies market their services more effectively. With your tourism materials translated into the language of your prospective clients, your company has the potential of greatly increasing its international business.

    Tourism translations deal with leisure activities, holidays, sports and tourist attractions amongst other subjects such as:

    tour guides
    tourist brochures
    hotel guides

    Usually the language used in tourism materials is often less formal and sale oriented which requires the translator to get your message just right with a marketing slant in the target language. We select the most appropriate native translators according to the specific characteristics of your materials with high degree of copywriting skills.
    Academic Translation for Business and Economics

    Academic translation services are intended for academics, researchers, students, universities, institutions and any other organizations that need academic translation. Academic translations can be used by a myriad of academics that need to present their research and findings in a variety of languages. Making your academic documents available in multiple languages opens up your work to more recognition and opportunities.
    Among the most common academic documents that need to be translated into other languages include the following:

    academic articles
    research papers
    university textbooks
    academic books

    We offer academic translation in business, economics, finance, marketing and related disciplines. Academic translation requires specialized knowledge and an advanced degree in the chosen field from the translator. We give you access to a team of specialty translators in these areas so that your academic documents are translated accurately.

  3. IVEDI Translation & IT Services Co., Ltd.

    We offer high quality English Turkish translation services ranging from general translation to business translation. We can provide you with accurate and timely translations ranging from short documents to lengthy reports.

    With our team of highly qualified translators, linguists and business consultants, we can deliver top quality translations at competitive rates to ensure customer satisfaction.

    All translations, editing and proofreading are undertaken by native speaking translators and linguists with proven experience that can meet your quality standards.